Steps To Fix Security Error 178 Problem Not Available Vpd

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    Over the past few weeks, some readers have reported that there are 178 system security errors related to vpd unavailability.


    The following items may appear in the event log for the IBM eServer xSeries 365 service processor chip: 178 System security error – VPD not available

    Resolve The Problem

    The following may appear in our own IBM eServer xSeries 365 service processor event log:

    178 System security error – VPD not always available

    Affected configurations
    The console could be one of the future IBM e servers (logo):

    • IBM eServer xSeries 365 Type 8862, any model.
    • IBM eServer xSeries 365 Type 8861 good model.
    • BIOS versions RDJT19A – RDJT21A
    • RDE817A – RDE820A Firmware Alternatives

    The condition is that it is inverted in the next AC cycle.

    More details
    The following entry may very rarely appear in the SP event log: 178 System Security Error – VPN Unavailable

    This message proves that the system BIOS cannot write VPD information and the service processor cannot write. A condition that can be resolved during the next AC cycle. The next time the server is turned off / on from the AC mains, an additional message may appear in the event log of the service process, for example:

    178 system security error vpd not available

    01299070 DASD backplane changed
    01299080 Power supply # 2 has been changed
    01299080 Power supply unit # 1 has been changed
    01299081 Power backplane already changed
    01299110 The MEM card has been replaced
    CPU card 01299010 would be replaced

    Messages may occur because the system BIOS was unable to update VPD data during a previous system boot if caused by a file. 178 is displayed Communication error. The components didn’t really change unless the client changed the hardware components while the server was locked. The state can be restored by turning the mains power off and on again, I would say the server.

    IBM Aptiva 710 – Model 2144-82P – Service Event D

    The first sign of problems was the fact that each of our splash screens – the “IBM Bios Surepath” page – moved to the right where the Bios Surepath logo was below the “screen”. Otherwise, apart from incidents, the system worked fine and without errors for several days. Problems

    The power supply started working after a few months – the system was actually idle – not even plugged into a power outlet.

    178 system security error vpd not available

    After running MSDOS 6.22 and doing nothing on the DOS command line, this system stopped with a screen like 111 E000: 1333

    Now the system shuts down after testing the boot memory with the next sieveerror:

    System BIOS security has never been configured on this computer at the BIOS level – no details about any of the levels can be seen.

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    I tried every possible means

    log in successfully. I took off the lead bezel without gold. Finally, I uninstalled the Duracell system. Except for the amount of memory that has been tested and verified, this effort may not have changed
    – System still freezes with 178 degrees boot error.

    Have you just tried removing the battery from the BIOS?
    (be careful not to damage the product that contains the battery).

    You should also be able to reset the BIOS of your gaming mouse using the two
    buttons. not really sure if this works. Press and hold both mouse buttons
    while turning on the device
    . wait for the beep.

    Uncle Don’s Contribution to IBM Aptiva 710
    Model 2144-82P
    Service Level D
    Upgrade with Intel BOXPODP5V Overdrive 120/133 MHz Processor
    64 MB RAM Installed
    2 16 MB Gold Lead PNY Sims
    2 Sims 16MB Non-Gold Lead
    The first sign of a problem was the fact that this splash screena – “IBM Surepath Bios” phone display – has been moved to the right> where the Surepath Bios brand was at the bottom of the video domain. The rest of the system worked fine – no errors, or several days without incident.
    The ongoing conflicts began a few months later when the software was idle, not even power-related.
    With MSDOS 6.22, in addition, also inactive under DOS, the command line often stopped with displaying 111 E000: 1333
    178 – system reliability error – VPD not available
    the security level of the bios system has never been set to this computer
    – the password for any level has never worked. Tried to
    enter the setup by all possible means
    unsuccessfully. I removed the unsullied leading edges altogether. Finally, I removed the battery from the system. Apart from the amount of memory,
    has checked and confirmed that nothing has changed in this effort.
    Function still crashes with startup error 178.
    Will VPD help and how do I get VPD?

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    178 Systeembeveiligingsfout Vpd Niet Beschikbaar
    178 Błąd Bezpieczeństwa Systemu Vpd Niedostępny
    178 Erro De Segurança Do Sistema Vpd Não Disponível
    178 Systemsäkerhetsfel Vpd Ej Tillgänglig
    178 Errore Di Sicurezza Del Sistema Vpd Non Disponibile
    178 Error De Seguridad Del Sistema Vpd No Disponible
    178 Systemsicherheitsfehler Vpd Nicht Verfügbar
    178 Erreur De Sécurité Du Système Vpd Non Disponible
    178 Ошибка безопасности системы. Vpd недоступен.
    178 시스템 보안 오류 Vpd를 사용할 수 없음

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