Best Way To Fix Pcre-config Error For Libpcre Not Found. Pcre Need Problems

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    Here are some simple ways to fix the pcre-config error for libpcre not find. scr is required.

    <br /><img src="" style="margin-top:20px; margin-bottom:20px; display: block; margin: 0 auto;" alt="error pcre-config for libpcre not find . pcre is required"></p> <p>Posted on July 5, 2021 required</p> <p>

    You can install pcre-devel with Revolts per Minute or Yum, or you can download it and install it from source.

    1. How to download

    error pcre-config for libpcre not find . pcre is required

    tar source Pcre code from xvf pcre-8.32.tar.gzcdpcre-8.32./configure ;make; install
    yum pcre-devel needs some tweaking

    Now locate the pcre-config file to use for the person command that caused this error.

    updated you to pcre-config jourb;search | grep bin
    ./configure --with-pcre=/usr/bin/pcre-config

    If this error occurs while installing Apache, owners can follow this link to learn how to set up Apache using the source code.

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    I’m looking for Apache to install on Hat red. a system that I usually have complete control over (my sysadmins gave me a directory to work with). So in addition to Apache 2.4.APR 7, I downloaded, built and installed APR-Util and pcre.

    ./configure installer
    libtool --prefix=/u01/app/apache/apr/domake /usr/local/apr/lib
    libtool --finish --finish /u01/app/apache/apr/lib/
    ./configure --prefix=/u01/app/apache/apr-util/ --with-apr=/u01/app/apache/apr/bindoinstall
    .--prefix=/u01/app/apache/pcre/ /configure --with-apr=/u01/app/apache/apr/bin Make
     --with-apr-util=/u01/app /apache/apr-util/bindoInstall./configure --prefix=/u01/app/apache/apache247/ --with-apr=/u01/app/apache/apr/bin --with-apr-util=/u01/app /apache/apr- utility/bin --with-pcre=/u01/app/apache/pcre/bin

    It finds APR and APR-Util, but of course I get a message about “Did the pcre-config in the /u01/app/apache/pcre/bin script take longer to find an error”. I don’t know why the file is showing up there . What an experience Thank you!



    Signed: 01 March 20181

    Messages: readabilitydatatable=”0″>

    Posted: Thursday, March 2, 2018 2:46 PM Subject Message error: PCRE-config when running config after Colspan=”2″>

    Hello everyone

    I am getting a strange error when trying to build APR 1.6.3 on my CentOS system readabilitydatatable=”0″>

    quote: for pcre-config… false
    configure: pcre-config error: none for Libpcre implemented. pcre is required and is available at http://pcre


    I set pcre to the system group andtested the same principal.

    Here is the command I run to set up the APR:





    actually good for 1 apr.5.x!

    So, all the facts on whether the question is:
    Are there any changes to improve APR 1.6.X that you need to specifically set/avoid pcre when running the appropriate config command? Or do I need to set some kind of environment variable to avoid this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I want to install lighttpd on Ubuntu 9.04.
    According to the manual of each page
    [[http://redmine]]< br>I have participated in Checkout
    svn svn://
    cd lighttpd-1.4.x
    ./autogen .Sh< /code> run
    then in

    configure: error: pcre-config not found, remove pcre-devel package or assembly containing --without-pcre

    Another error
    configure: error: no bzip2 headers and/or libraries found, buy them or build with --without-bzip2

    PCRE-CONFIG(1) Guide to Basic PCRE-CONFIG(1) Commands


    pcre-config - PCRE configuration return strategy


    pcre-config [--prefix] [--exec-prefix] [--version] [--libs] [--libs16] [--libs32] [--libs-cpp] [--libs-posix] [--cflags] [--cflags-posix]


    pcre-config provides the configuration of the created PCRE Libraries and options required to compile the program to be used Them. Some of the control options are only 8-bit or possibly 16-bit or 32-bit libraries and are always unavailable if only one is present regarding these libraries has been built. When the option is not available professional "use" information will be issued.

    At The Top Of Options

    --Prefix Writes the directory prefix contained in the installation pcre because the architecture-independent files (/usr on systems /usr/local on several systems) to standard output. prefix --exec Entry directory prefix, used only when installing PCRE. for design-dependent files (usuallybut exactly the same as --prefix) to make output easier. --Execution collection Records versions of installed PCRE libraries to help you with standard output. --libs Write control line options to standard output you need to have an internet connection with an 8-bit PCRE stack (-lpcre on many systems). --libs16 Write the actual command line options to standard output required in conjunction with PCRE 16-bit probing (-lpcre16 on

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