Tips To Fix Xbox 360 Disc Read Error

Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    Here are some easy steps that can help you fix Xbox 360 Disc Read Error. So grab the wrong sticker, remove the little top and you will reach the bottom plastic disc underneath, pull it out, and you just have to test the game in the player.

    September, updated January 22, 2017

    fix your xbox 360 disc read error

    Xbox 360 game error occurs when the message “This disc cannot be read” is displayed on the screen. The game. The problem might be in the disk itself, or there might be a portability glitch in the console itself. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to fix the error without having to send your console in for Microsoft-authorized repairs.

    Examine the real game back to determine which region rule (NTSC, NTSC-J, PAL) the game supports. You can only play games that must be created in the same geographic area where you purchased the console. Also, some original Xbox games may not necessarily play on Xbox 360.

    fix your xbox 360 disc read error

    Grasp the outer edges of the disc and inspect the underside for scratches, lint, or smudges. Apply a small amount of water to a clean, luxurious cloth and gently Wipe the BTM disc of the device towards the edges to remove visible dirt or dust. After cleaning the disk, try playing it again and testing another to see if the problem is with the specific disk that someone else was cleaning up.

    Press the control buttons “X”, “X”, “Left bumper”, “Right bumper”, “X”, “X” sequentially with the game controller turned on to clear the cache. A quick system service appears to confirm that the cut was successful. Please play the problematic CD / DVD to see if the situation is resolved.

    Turn off your console and remove all memory cards and USB drives. Press the 360 ​​Hard Drive Unlock Test button and gently eject the drive from any console. Try to download the program without connecting one of these peripheral smartphones. When the disk boots up, shut down the system and reconnect someone to the console. Try loading a disc after reconnecting a specific device.


    If the problem persists, call Microsoft Xbox Support by phone 1-800-469-9269 or visit the Microsoft Xbox Online Service Center at

    A lot of things seem catastrophically wrong about how much buyers are paying for an Xbox. It resembles a red ring of death, failure of a DVD player, overheating and overheating. Today’s frustration stems from a deeper issue: How are my Xbox 360 mission discs not being read?

    Game CD looks clean. Why? Is he still bouncing to that freezing point? If you’re like me, you’ve taken your Xbox apart, wrapped it in towels and sacrificed a lamb to the YouTube gods, thinks a twelve-year-old boy … hands-on video tutorial will end your suffering. And all for one last attempt at some fun playing Call of 47 Duty.

    You can send it to me through Microsoft, but you usually need to merge it within 2-4 weeks without an Xbox. Which, of course, would not be an option.

    You inspire. No, there is an easy way to get inside and dry the suction cup along with Windex and a paper towel. Unfortunately, you are a determined guy who doesn’t want to risk playing GTAV every hour online every day.yen. How does a laser lens work?

    Why won’t my Xbox 360 play game discs?

    The main cause of CD / DVD playback failure is a dirty optical lens (the lens that your Xbox 360 laser passes through to read the disc itself). If any dust or dust particles get on the laser sight, your system may malfunction and you can play a game disc. Many DVD style brushes and discs have been on the market for years and claim to clean the lens well. An often overlooked word is safety.

    Of course, cleaning game mechanics isn’t a dangerous job (unless you have an Xbox open, let alone removing hardware with pliers on the beach during a thunderstorm). No, it can be described as a fragile task. A beam of light from a lens can easily deflect in the opposite direction if approached incorrectly. I’m sure you’ll be careful with all your toys, especially the Xbox. But for this you need a special tool.

    How to Safely Clean Lazer Lenses: UseLens cleaner Xbox Cleandr.

    CleanDr is the best solution to repair and clean your Xbox 360 and Xbox Laser in one place. This is how it works.

    1. Simply insert the CleanDr disc into the Xbox 360 or Xbox One DVD bleaching tray (graphic side up). Play will start automatically.
    2. Follow the on-screen voice prompts. The disc spins rapidly thanks to the patented zero-gap process. Using a standard electronic brush, wipe the lens with your hand until it is cleaner. In fact, your standard brush is leaving your exploration behind. The CleanDr disc’s tiny brushes are positioned so that no point is overlooked on your laser lens. The entire lens surface is covered.
    3. The Cyclone Clean process using 10 brushes radically removes dust, dirt and debris without leaving any scratches. Cyclone Clean easily cleans lenses for long-term improvement in design and sound quality with skipping, slow loading and bugs.

    Replacing the console is expensive. There is no laser lens cleaning at all.

    What really works like an advertiseris it possible? Trust that you are doing your research (this person seems to really enjoy it, although he swears like a sailor), and if you choose to do so, follow these instructions carefully. Hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new system. Best of all, CleanDr is fast, even if your heavily soiled primary lens requires multiple cleaning cycles. In a few minutes you will try to defeat the Four Kings again in Dark Souls 2. Try the keyword.

    Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    All kidding, we’re really seeing another amazing time in the game. Don’t let small gadgets get confused by the hiccups, which is usually important – the magic of the game.

    CleanDr is very well available for Playstation consoles, PCs as well as DVD / Blu-ray players. Try everything.


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