Best Way To Fix Blue Screen Usage In After Effects

Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the application and select your language
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to start a scan of your computer
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    If you are experiencing a blue screen in After Effects on your PC, this user guide should help you resolve the issue.

    In This Article, We’re Going To Take A Detailed, Step-by-step Look At The Various Methods For Entering Green Screen Frames In Adobe After Effects. All

    You’ll probably get the best results in After Effects with your computer editing program. There are several methods for working with video footage on a green screen in After Effects. Adobe recommends using the built-in preset with almost any combination of the three effects. This method is ideal for beginners (and experts) because it gives fast (and always great) results . We will explain step by step how to proceed.

    Of course, the capture process depends entirely on the quality of your entire green screen video. If you’re looking for the best chroma key, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Finally a Screen, where you’ll find tips on building a solid foundation, lighting, and on-camera TV green screen shots. >

    After launching

    Apply Step 2: Enter Settings

    First you need to activate the “Effects and Templates” panel. You go to Window and selector Effects & Presets to open the panel.

    Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    Open several animation styles listed at the top. Open folder Then settings, go to Open Image – Utilities. you will see a predefined spill of Keylight + Key Cleaner + Advanced Suppressor there. You drag this preset onto the material.

    As mentioned earlier, this preset contains three separate viewing jobs that work together to give everyone the best possible technique green screen. In order, three:

  • Keylight: Special Effects A chroma keyer that allows your website to color-pick a person’s background and make it transparent.
  • Key Cleaner: an effect that cleans the edges and makes the object crisp. suppression
  • Advanced Spatter: This effect removes blobs of color from the background that may appear on the object.
  • Step 3. With Start Effect

    how to use blue screen in after effects

    Let’s start with the backlight effect on the main green screen backlight. For the screen color, select the color palette and simply click on the sensitive area of ​​the screen next to your subject.

    Pro Tip: Hold down the CTRL key while clicking on a screen color to take in more pixels. This gives the person alone a more accurate average color value.

    How do you insert a background out of after effects?

    Select which layer you want to be partially transparent, and choose > Effect Overlay > Color Key.In the Effect Elements control panel, set the global overlay color in one of two ways:Drag the Color Tolerance slider to specify the shading area in the key.

    Then change the mask screen display setting to . The footage will be displayed in matte white, black and gray.

    Adjust all screen settings: matte black clipping and just white clipping until the background is truly completely black and the object appears to be completely whiteYou can also select options such as “Screen Zoom In/Out” and “Screen Softness” if needed.

    Now change the view settings to intermediate. This is important because if this view is accidentally set to the final result, some inline entries will display artifacts.

    How do I use green screen in after effects?

    Step 1: Import your footage. Click New from Footage Composition to start importing.Step 2 Apply: Input Preset.Step 3: Start the Effect with Keylighta series of steps: the key effect of cleaning.Step 5 Suppressor: extended spill.Step 6: Add the best background.

    Now you can toggle the transparency of the grid to see that the most important background has been completely removed. You can also play back recently recorded footage to see if the image contains unwanted noise. If this is usually the case, adjust the screen settings mask.

    Step 4. Key Clear Effect

    Unbeknownst to you, the result of Key Cleaner has already worked on all of your frames since you got the built-in preset. It basically works in conjunction with the Keylight effect to make sure the edges of everything are already clean. At this stage, you may not need to define sets with it if everything is formatted correctly.

    Depending on the footage you capture, Key Cleaner can often adjust two settings. I found that the decrease in valueThe ‘i’ associated with the extra edge radius resulted in improved viewing of my images. I also recommend turning on the Reduce option to make controls bounce, visible noise around the edges.

    Finally, if you need to, you can increase the alpha contrast a bit. This will accentuate certain edges of your object if they appear too soft. Beware, however, of this excellent attitude. If it’s too them, speed up the edges may look too harsh and pixelated.

    Step Two: Extended Ce Suppressor

    At this stage, all of your frames should be clean and without background. However, a person may notice that the object is still covered in green paint, which appears in what is likely to be the skin of the clothing or as a thin green line around the outside of the object. (Please note that the reddish screen has a red color. Maybe)

    Here you can see green traces of the color palette on the subject’s hair.

    To account for this color overflow, we actually need to turn on the Advanced Spill Removal effect, which is far from standard. To enable it, check the box next to the effect name.

    how to use blue screen in after effects

    Here’s a close-up of the hair after activating the Advanced Suppressor Strait. Note rotating that the edge and excess hair have been removed.

    Advanced Spill Remover should automatically detect the color you want to remove and will usually give you good results. However, if you receive a single unexpectedly, you may need to set the color immediately. To do this, set the Method value to Ultra. You will then see more options to set the color key and other settings.

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