Suggestions For Fixing SQL Error Code 3271

Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    If you have sql error code 3271 on your computer, this guide may help. If running out of SQL 3271 is due to lack of space on your current drive or media, most backup processes will fail with an important “Aborted” warning message. To resolve this issue, check that there is enough disk space on the backup device to store the backup that has started.

    One of my blog readers greeted me with an email due to a serious error message he received while using save to URL option. This feature can transfer SQL Server database backups to Azure Blob storage directly. I’ve already blogged about some of the errors I’ve previously received but this method error was new. I wrote back looking for more details and it was a bug that was too easy to fix. Now in this blog, we will discuss how to fix 3271, The remote server came home with an error: Forbidden (403).

    Here is the command I used to replicate errors.

    BASE SQLAuthority BACKUPBy data url ''WITH CREDENTIAL = 'AzBackupCred'

    Msg 3271, Level ’07, State 1, 1
    A fatal I/O error occurred on line at “” ” Backup to URL received another exception from remote endpoint Exception Message: The remote server returned a maximum effort error (403): Forbidden..
    Msg 3013 , Level 1, 16, State 1
    Call BACKUP DATA BASE crashed.

    sql error code 3271

    If you’re noticing error 3271, there are probably several reasons why. I’d say it’s important that part of the error message is the error returned by the remote server. In this case, we all get the 403 Forbidden error. Below is a previous blog where I discussed the error – 600 – Bad SQL Request – server backup when you need to specify a failure URL in the Azure Resource Manager deployment model (ARM) with Error (400). Invalid request


    As you can see, there is nothing wrong with some commands. only As we run the SQL command, the server uses all the credentials forconnects I to the vault and simply backs up. When I looked at the credentials they were created by purchasing access keys from the portal. In our case, instead of saving the domain name of the account, we specified the name of the ship when creating the credentials.

    The image below should give a clear idea of ​​what is to be taught during the course.

    Authorization Name = whatever name our organization needs to use in the BACKUP command

    Identifier = the name of the storage account specified in the Access key section.not

    It took me a long time to realize that my client was using a specific identity name instead of a storage device account name, and that was the root cause of the error. we had a good opportunity to solve this problem with the ALTER command as shown below

    sql error code 3271

    USE [master]WALKCHANGE CREDENTIALS WITH [azbackupcred] IDENTITY=N'sqlprodbkups',SECRET matches N'Value In Key1'GO

    I hope this helps you fix Error 403: URL limited when saving.

    When an I/O operation is performed Yes, there was a problem with backing up the operating system during the restore procedure; SQL error 3271 occurs.

  • Insufficient disk space.
  • SQL Server VSS Writer
  • Given

    There are several causes for this important SQL error code 3271, which are detailed in the introductory sections.

    Description Of Many Other Cases And Solutions

    Don’t let Windows errors hold you back.

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    Explanation# error This 2: may occur due to insufficient space in presentation memory. This error message may be accompanied by additional text indicating that the device memory located in the storage area is full.

    Is it possible to create a backup using applications; third-party error text displayed on the TV screen indicates backup errors. The message indicates that the current session of the backup and restore copy operation should be terminated.


    Troubleshooting steps. If this error occurs for the above reason, you can use the following methods to resolve the error: SQL Server crash 3271;

  • View the error logs. Checking the SQL Server logs for the corresponding error or root cause message can help determine the root cause of the error email. The related cause responsible for the actual occurrence of the error message should be resolved as soon as possible by taking the appropriate action to resolve the problem.
  • Make sure the

  • storage device has enough space to complete the backup and restore operation.
  • Backup media: determines if there have been any problems with the backup device in the past and if the majority of such errors have been found; fix them by developing appropriate resolution methods.
  • The solutions above help fix identical error messages when a particular error code is caused by insufficient storage space. In addition, this Microsoft SQL Server error 3271 has another side, they can all show up as errors also due to SQL VSS Writer; although itdescribed in the next section.

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