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    Over the past few days, some players have received an error message when viewing a blue screen dump. This problem can occur for a number of reasons. Now let’s discuss some of them.

    Introduction. BSOD Crash Analysis

    Blue Screens of Death dumps can be caused by various factors. There are many tools on the Internet that can take this into account; However, Microsoft has its own musical instrument. When the computer is practically in trouble, the user decides not to download third-party tools, many of which “may make things worse.” That’s where Windows debugging tools come in.

    This guide will show the experienced user how to install their tool and how to analyze a hard crash to determine the cause.

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    Step 1: Download Debugging Tools For Windows

    view blue screen dump

    These tools are included in the Software windows Development Kit (SDK) for Windows. We only need these tools.

    • Windows 7 and/or later: Go to the Windows Dev Center to download the Windows SDK Loader. But it’s not a tool, just a new loader for the tool. Vista
    • windows XP: and download Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework almost here, four .NET Framework 4.even 5 are not supported by Windows XP .

    Step 2: Run The SDK Installer

    The installer is a separate bootloader for the full SDK. We don’t want to be ableability to do all the extras, we’re just looking for tools. Then

    1. Click on the installer until you get to a screen that has a lot of packages loaded with a note: “Select exactly the features you want to install.”
    2. Remove all non-essential checkboxes. each for the package, except “Debugging Tools for Windows”.
    3. Click “Install”.

    Step 3. Wait While The Installer

    Wait while the installer downloads and installs your current packages. After setting up the completion, click “Close”.

    Step 4. Run WinDbg

    1. Run Windbg as the owner. The screenshot is from Windows 8.1, but this step applies to all Vista operating systems above, and run Administrator.
      1. In Windows 8.1, this is achieved by the This search program at the moment. Right-clicking it makes it listed on the right.
      2. It’s important that the Windbg Administrator is bypassed.
        1. In Windows 8, newer computers have permission issues to read crash dumps in which people are not elevated.
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    Step 5. Set The Path To The Icon

    view blue screen dump

    Windbg requires the path to the icon file. .Click .

    1. File .
    2. Click .icon .file path ….

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    Step 6. Enter The Path To The Symbol File

    How do I view a blue screen dump file?

    Click File.Click on it, open to crash dumpNavigate to: C:WindowsnSelect the file named MEMORY.DMP.Click Open.

    1. Paste the usage text in the symbol search path dialog
      1. SRV*C:Windowssymbol_cache *
    2. Click OK

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    Step 7: Save Your Workspace

    1. Click File
    2. Click Save Workspace
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    Step: Opening The Dump

    1. Click the crash “File”
    2. Open the crash dump…
    3. Go to point Die to: c:windows
    4. select the file named MEMORY. Open dmp
    5. click

    Step 9. Analysis!

    After opening this crash dump, a window will be created. quickly The window fills up when working with text.

    1. At the bottom of the wall with the text of the spell, a line with the text: brought:
      1. If
        1. Probably, you can imagine, this often caused BSOD.
        2. Google what causes the BSOD, for example: has
          1. For this case, we all google
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